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Carpet Recycling and Testing Equipment

Carpet Recycling

Technology is being developed to enable companies to recycle used carpets, save oil and help clear landfills. The technology separates oil-based fiber from oil-based carpet backing. Both materials can be reused, thereby promoting sustainability and saving energy.

It is estimated that 5 billion pounds of bio-degradable used carpet are dumped into landfills in the U.S. every year. Placed in one spot, the solid waste would need a hole one mile by one mile by 100 feet deep EVERY YEAR. Once in the ground, the carpets virtually never disintegrate, posing serious problems for future generations.

Testing Equipment

Anavo Carpet Analyzer

This is a carpet analyzer from Anavo. It scans the
carpet type and indicates carpet type within seconds.

Once carpet arrives at our facility, we test the carpet to identify the quality. Standard systems include 8 LED indicators, for all the common fibers, and a configuration with an LCD display is available for applications like post-industrial polymer recycling, where a larger variety of materials is encountered. In all cases, the typical identification time is less than half a second.

The results, displayed by color code, reflect the following industry standards:

Red = Nylon 66

Green = N6

Yellow = Polypropylene

Blue = Polyethylene

White = Other


What happens to the carpet once the fiber is separated from the carpet backing and the glue is stripped off the back of the carpeting (the typical scenario for commercial carpeting)?

Recycled carpet by-products can be used for the manufacture of:

  1. Brand new carpet, after further processing of the fibers. Carpet recycling into new carpet can go on indefinitely and has the greatest sustainability for the environment.
  2. The environmental impact of the recycling process is best realized by purchasing carpet made from recycled materials rather than oil-based raw materials used to make new carpet.
  3. Carpet tiles or padding can be produced from post-consumer recycling by a process called downcycling.
  4. Many recycled carpet by-products can be incorporated into building products and sediment control around construction sites as well as resins for the plastics industry.
  5. Check our Industry Links and News section for new technology for recycled carpet by-products.

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